Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Future You

What if you could go into the future, say 5 years from now, and see yourself as a successful performer with an established career and fan base? How big would you like to be? What kind of shows would you be doing? 
All successful artists, business people, athletes, and others, have in their minds a developed picture of who they want to be and what they want to accomplish.
There is much that has to be learned and integrated in your skill set for onstage performance success; that’s part of all true disciplines. But there’s another part of the equation that’s often overlooked in our pursuit of success. So I’ll ask the question of you: what does success onstage look like for you? Do you see yourself accomplishing that goal, as you work on your set; as you write out your new set list integrating moments, thinking of stories to tell, etc.? 
I remember a quote from an album cover of a band that I really liked. It said, “Discipline is not an end in itself; only a means to an end.” (King Crimson-Discipline) Learning the things we teach and then practicing them until you don’t have to think about it, is the goal. But if you don’t see you doing it and all of the effort is merely “A+B=C” — then you won’t truly succeed. You have to get a “picture” in your mind and then passionately, with discipline, learn and integrate this stuff. But the cool part… when you do it that way, it’s fun! I love to rehearse. But more than that, I love to rehearse with a picture of me totally nailing the thing that I’m rehearsing! 
Go after it — but do it expecting to succeed! New Year’s resolutions that fail are often a set of DVDs or books or lists that the well-intentioned bought to lose weight or fix this or develop that. Don’t waste your money if you don’t intend to succeed. 2014 is here…now go make it your year! - 
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