Wednesday, March 30, 2011

INAYA sings Jazz standards

So, I've sent some of my pop, rap hooks, and gospel for you guys to hear.
Now, have a listen to my rendition of SUMMERTIME.
I did this when I lived in Germany doing musical theater.
Some of you may have already heard it form an old FB post.
Nevertheless, here it is again:  :-) 
Hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Inaya sings Gospel with Jimmie Earl Perry

     A Buddy of mine, Jimmie Earl Perry (who now lives in South Africa), emailed me one day and asked me to sing a coupla songs with him on his album. 
*peep album here: 
One of these songs is an old devotional church tune called, 
     So he sent me the tracks with backgrounds and his vocals, and I just filled in the blanks right here in my Home Studio, DayTraxx.

I'm sure that most of you can tell by my style of singing that Gospel is my root, so I figured I'd post something to feed not just your earhole, but your soul as well  :-)
Jimmie Earl Perry with Inaya Day


Friday, March 18, 2011

Inaya's & Cheryl Pepsii's Band ReUnites

so a lot of you know that Cheryl Pepsii and I have a band called dYsFUNKtiOn.
We haven't worked together in over two years.

We're having a reUnion at the Village Underground on March 29th, 2011

We sing ONLY funk, soul, and R&B throwback joints like; BEFORE I LET GO, FOOL'S PARADISE, JAMAICA FUNK, KNEE DEEP, etc.
We find that old SCHOOL is the ONLY school, coz a lotta music on the radio now, just ain't COOL!
(oh snap! I'm a poet!)

Check out the event invite and make your reservation NOW because seats are going REALLY FAST!

for RESERVATIONS: call 212 777-7745 or ONLINE:

Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Mike Davis, Antwon Robinson, Jerry Brooks, Alex Mosely, Karl Brown, Brian Dunne, and I will see you there!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inaya Day with MC LYTE

Ok, so since I'm on a retrospective kick, I figured I'd post just ONE of the songs that I've done with my friend, MC LYTE . 
Photos of Mc Lyte)

I think it's a fun tune!
Check it out for yourself!

If you dig this one, I'll post another!
Oh and here's the link in case you wanna grab it...
I'm on tracks 14 and 21! Mc Lyte and Inaya on iTunes #14

Friday, March 11, 2011

how my single, BETTER DAYS was born

Ya know.... I'm a firm believer in including friends and fam by letting their voices be heard while standing on my little platform.
     My cuzzo, George had never written or recorded a song before. But one day, while listening to some tracks from NATIVE SON at my house, I asked him if he'd like to write with me.
He said he'd never written before but would like to give it a shot.
Well, he kicked butt and here's the result.... signed, sealed , and delivered on BROKEN RECORDS.
by Inaya Day & Native Sons

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something a little from Inaya

     So, I know you're used to hearing me sing house music, but I WRITE and SING just about every genre.
This song is just one of the many.
I did all of the vocals except the "bowm bowms". That's my friend Colin Rich! (check him out here! )

We were in Germany attending a music production workshop where the company would mix and match different singer/songwriters with producer/songwriters of multiple genres.
I did a little rock, pop, dance and ....THIS SONG!

I think it will work GREAT for movies! Let me know what YOU think!

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