Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Singing tips-Don't tax your voice b4 the gig

When preparing for a performance or studio date, “the obvious thing to do is rest.” “But there are environmental things you might not be aware of or consider an issue, like being in a place where the decibel level is much higher than you think it is. In order to compete with the sound, you have to strain your voice to speak louder to be heard or understood (I'm guilty of this one). Many times, people are unaware that they’re in such an environment, because there are so many noisy places in our world, and we’ve come to accept them and adjust. But when you’re a singer, you have to be more aware of these environmental conditions.”
If you’re playing club dates, bars, or parties, the quality of your performance and your vocal health can be severely impacted in the hours leading up to your set by talking and socializing before you get on stage. “Don’t go screaming at a football game or tax your voice before a performance or session, even if it’s two weeks before a session,” says vocalist, studio owner, and producer Jon Marc Weiss. “That can take its toll on your throat and vocal chords and can really mess you up. Keep in mind that you need to keep your voice in tip-top shape so that when you’re called on, you can perform.”

But it’s not just the days and hours leading up to a given night’s performance that you need to consider, especially if you are singing in a stage production or any performance ensemble that requires nightly or continuous performances. “Very often, after a performance there’s a party, a reception or something, and many famous singers will say, ‘I’d love to come, but I can’t, it’s not possible.’ It’s all common sense stuff that revolves around rest and awareness of your instrument.

“All instruments are subject to environmental conditions – humidity, heat, all sorts of things. But instrumentalists get to put their instrument in a case and walk away, or put it in a room that’s ideally suited to make it sound good. As vocalists, we have to take our instrument everywhere, and there’s this intersection of our lives and this instrument. So there are all sorts of things you need to pay attention to that other instrumentalists don’t have to. But good health is good singing, and whatever you can do to keep yourself healthy is important. Every person is different, and every voice has it’s own limitations and set of things it can tolerate.” Figure out what works for you and keep those cords healthy!

Read more: Singing Tips – Don’t Tax Your Voice Before a Vocal Performance http://blog.discmakers.com/2012/11/singing-tips-dont-tax-your-voice/?utm_source=DMAudio&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=EA1249#ixzz2FPQLEv3h

Inaya Day

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Me and the Godfather

So, guess who I've been working with? Come on... GUESS!........
Okay okay, I'll tell you....
FRANKIE KNUCKLES, the GodFather of House music. YES! No, really! It's true!

He and his production partner, Eric Kupper form the team called "Director's Cut" and they did a remix for my single with Marc Jb (of Bimbo Jones) , EVERY BREATH. 
Today, I found out that THAT mix of the single is nominated for an award.
Please vote for us here: hehehehe (shameless plug)

BUT.... not only that. I'm on Frankie Knuckles' album, Tales From Beyond the Tone Arm with a duet featuring Robin S. of "Show Me Love" fame! Our song is called RIGHT NOW!
Listen to us here:

Purchase here:

Frankie Knuckles is such an awesome musical big bro and mentor, (we share the same birth date, so of course he's fabulous hehehe), that he offered to produce an entire album for me, which will be my first, EVER. (after having recorded over 70 singles)
I'll keep you posted as that situation progresses. But, until then, please enjoy and support
You will NOT be sorry.