Monday, March 18, 2013

Just a note to say "Hey" and let U know what's poppin'.

     I trust that all is well and good in your space! :-)
     Just a bit of an update on what I've been up to...

I did a remake of REACH OUT TO ME (even though the cover art says "reach out FOR me") by Karen Pollard in 2005 that has now been remixed and re-released. It's been in the Traxsource House Music top 40 sales chart for MONTHS now.
Check out my version here:

I've co-written and recorded a song called SUNNY WITH A CHANCE OF BURNIN' with fellow house music artists, Michelle Weeks & Michelle Shellers: produced by the Str8Jackets.
I'm singing the chorus and hook. The other ladies are doing the verses and adlibs. Coming soon.
Check it out here:

I sang a song written and produced by Yass From Paris called BRING IT UP
Listen here:

I've written and recorded a song with my cousin DeVonde called LIFE, produced by Soneec which will be released on April 1st.
Listen here:

I've written a song with Former Miss Mississippi, Toni Seawright pka Toni Sea called
NEED YOUR LOVE, which I've just released on my label.
Here it is:

I wrote a song with Ashleigh K. for my friend Chapella Stewart called DELIVER ME, produced by Dunk N' Aliens.
Check out the video here:

My focus is now on writing for other RECORDING ARTISTS and Completing my first album.
I hope you enjoy what you see and hear. More to come! Chat soon!

Twitter: @InayaDay