Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I did it again, right on the beach this time (:-o

Yup, I shot a video on the beach on a cold day in autumn. 
Only I would choose a rainy, overcast day with only moments of sun peeking through, to do a music video.... while walking shoe-less on the cold, wet, solid sand. Genius!
BUT, it came out pretty cool.
I shot it myself using my flip cam and a tri-pod.
Have a look-see

And if you like-see grab it here-skee! (I'm a poet, too)

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pay everyone but NOT the musician! Huh?

DIY artist Whitey lashes out at big media when asked to give away music for free – and he calls for a “public discussion”

Whitey won't give away music for freeIt’s compelling when an artist takes a concept and crystallizes it into words you wish you had come up with. For example, let’s say you want to send a message to all the big media companies that are looking to use music from a DIY artist for their television shows but claim “budget restrictions” when it comes to paying for the music they want to license.
     Whitey, AKA Nathan White, a Berlin-based electro-rock multi-instrumentalist/composer from London who apparently shuns many standard DIY promotion tactics (like having an official website). He has, nonetheless, crafted a 10-year indie music career and has landed songs on Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, in addition to releasing multiple albums and scoring other notable licensing placements.
Whitey’s making headlines for his recent spat with Betty, a London-based TV production company that “makes modern and high quality popular formats and factual television series” (i.e. reality TV). Betty wanted to use his song “Stay On The Outside,” claimed budget restrictions when asking to use the track, and basically asked him to give away music for free. This was too much for Whitey, and he posted the transaction on his Facebook page. Here it is below:
From Betty:
Thanks for emailing me, I have emailed your label but not heard back yet so thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we don’t have any budget for music but would be great if we could use the track but it is up to you, but would appreciate anything you could do?
Many thanks,
From Whitey:
Hello Zoe,
Firstly, there is no label – I outright own my own material, so I’m not sure who you’ve been emailing.
Secondly, I am sick to death of your hollow schtick, of the inevitable line “Unfortunately there’s no budget for music”, as if some fixed Law Of The Universe handed you down a sad but immutable financial verdict preventing you from budgeting to pay for music. Your company set out the budget. So you have chosen to allocate no money for music. I get begging letters like this every week – from a booming, affluent global media industry.
Why is this? Let’s look at who we both are.
I am a professional musician, who lives from his music. It took me half a lifetime to learn the skills, years to claw my way up the structure, to the point where a stranger like you will write to me. This music is my hard-earned property. I’ve licensed music to some of the biggest shows, brands, games and TV production companies on earth; from Breaking Bad to The Sopranos, from Coca-Cola to Visa, HBO to Rockstar Games.
Ask yourself – would you approach a Creative or a Director with a resume like that, and in one flippant sentence ask them to work for nothing? Of course not. Because your industry has a precedent of paying these people, of valuing their work.
Or would you walk into someone’s home, eat from their bowl, and walk out smiling, saying, “So sorry, I’ve no budget for food”? Of course you would not. Because, culturally, we classify that as theft.
Yet the culturally ingrained disdain for the musician that riddles your profession leads you to fleece the music angle whenever possible. You will without question pay everyone connected to a shoot- from the caterer to the grip to the extra- even the cleaner who mopped your set and scrubbed the toilets after the shoot will get paid. The musician? Give him nothing.
Now let’s look at you. A quick glance at your website reveals a variety of well-known, internationally syndicated reality programmes. You are a successful, financially solvent and globally recognised company with a string of hit shows. Working on multiple series in close co-operation with Channel 4, from a West London office, with a string of awards under your belt. You have real money; to pretend otherwise is an insult.
Yet you send me this shabby request – give me your property for free. Just give us what you own, we want it.
The answer is a resounding and permanent NO.
I will now post this on my sites, forward this to several key online music sources and blogs, encourage people to reblog this. I want to see a public discussion begin about this kind of industry abuse of musicians… this was one email too far for me. Enough. I’m sick of you.
— NJ White
Of course, there’s the ongoing debate regarding whether DIY artists should give away music for free, and it can be tough, especially as a budding indie musician, to say “no” to opportunities that are pitched as benefitting you in ways other than monetary compensation – the old “we can’t pay you, but you’ll get a ton of exposure” line. We want affirmation that our work is worthwhile, or seek that gateway to reach an unknown audience that can result in new fans and record sales.
But the question of when and why your music should be undervalued or why you should be expected to give away music for free is a relevant one. An actor or director wouldn’t do a commercial for a major product and not expect payment. They wouldn’t see it as a chance to gain exposure and other work. Why would that be true for the DIY artist, musician, or composer?

Read more: Whitey lashes out when asked to give away music for free - Disc Makers http://blog.discmakers.com/2013/11/pay-everyone-but-the-musician/#ixzz2lmTmTefm

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I sang it Live in Rome and there's video!

So, Now in it's 4th week on the DMC Buzz chart, my collaboration with the legendary
Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut, LET'S STAY HOME, is making it's rounds throughout the world.
Check us out the chart here:

Here's a video of me singing it LIVE at the International Promoters' Meeting in Rome on July 14th:

You MUST pick up this package! Oh, and there's a mix by the great Tony Humphries, too!
I'm surrounded by legends! How blessed am I, huh!?!
Have a listen to the original AND the Tony Humphries mix here: http://youtu.be/6ISnzM0Aj-c

If you dig em, grab em and spread the word! :-D
Here's the iTunes linkhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lets-stay-home-frankie-knuckles/id655401219
Now buy, BUY my Darlings! Hehehehe! (Get it? BUY not bye). I'm crackin' myself up over here!

Frankie and "I" THANK YOU!

Chat soon!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yep! I've been making noise!

So, yeah!
     My current single with DJ, Escape, MAKE SOME NOISE, is now #25 in the BillBoard Dance/Club Play Chart. We started at #43and are projected to be #18 next week!
EEOW! Crackin' that top 20, I tell ya!
Look! You can see it here.....My name up in lights... well, in a manner of speaking.
Make Some Noise         25

Inaya Day & DJ Escape 
  • 25
  • 31
  • 4
We've also unleashed a whole new set of mixes including productions by Razor & Guido, Stephan Grondin, and Dom Capello.
Check those out here:

Check em out and let us know that you like em! ;-)
I'm gonna go now but I'll fill you in on my travels later!
Thanks for lending me your eyes and ears! and don't forget to spread the word!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's happening again! Inaya

YES! It's happening again.
It's been quite a while since I've been in the Biilboard Dance Club Play Chart and it's goin' down again.
My song with Dj Escape & Tony Coluccio, MAKE SOME NOISE, will go into the "June 1st" issue of  the Billboard "Most Added Report" chart/list at #1 and is the #2 Breakout for Hot Dance Club Play.
Then, the week after, (June 8th issue), we'll enter the Hot Dance Club Play chart at #43.
If YOU dig it, maybe we'll hit #1.. and I thank those of you who are reporting/supporting already.

Listen to (purchase) MAKE SOME NOISE here:

In other news, the Peter Rauhofer (may he rest in peace) remix/release of MOVIN UP (take my problems to the dancefloor) by ME, Chyna Ro & Mike Cruz, is #59 in the traxsource top 100 progressive chart while MY song with Michelle Weeks, Michelle Shellers, & the Str8jackets is a whopping #5 on the same chart which tracks downloads/sales from this digital retail site.
Listen to (purchase)
MOVIN UPhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/movin-up-peter-rauhofer-remix/id608041500


I did a gospel-favored house music track with Yass called BRING IT UP. It's now on the traxsource chart at #100. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Well, gonna go now. Thanks for lending me your eyes and ears.... maybe even your $$ for the music
In whichever way you've shared with me today, I thank you.
Come to one (some) of my gigs to hear me live.
You can see my schedule here: WWW.INAYADAY.COM

Monday, March 18, 2013

Just a note to say "Hey" and let U know what's poppin'.

     I trust that all is well and good in your space! :-)
     Just a bit of an update on what I've been up to...

I did a remake of REACH OUT TO ME (even though the cover art says "reach out FOR me") by Karen Pollard in 2005 that has now been remixed and re-released. It's been in the Traxsource House Music top 40 sales chart for MONTHS now.
Check out my version here: http://soundcloud.com/conkrete-digital/atfc-feat-inaya-day-reach

I've co-written and recorded a song called SUNNY WITH A CHANCE OF BURNIN' with fellow house music artists, Michelle Weeks & Michelle Shellers: produced by the Str8Jackets.
I'm singing the chorus and hook. The other ladies are doing the verses and adlibs. Coming soon.
Check it out here: http://soundcloud.com/d33p_music/str8jackets-ft-inaya-day-sunny

I sang a song written and produced by Yass From Paris called BRING IT UP
Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/djyassparis/inayaday-bringitup

I've written and recorded a song with my cousin DeVonde called LIFE, produced by Soneec which will be released on April 1st.
Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/djsoneec/soneec-feat-devonde-inaya

I've written a song with Former Miss Mississippi, Toni Seawright pka Toni Sea called
NEED YOUR LOVE, which I've just released on my label.
Here it is: http://soundcloud.com/ny-o-dae-music

I wrote a song with Ashleigh K. for my friend Chapella Stewart called DELIVER ME, produced by Dunk N' Aliens.
Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSdktGM7vAg

My focus is now on writing for other RECORDING ARTISTS and Completing my first album.
I hope you enjoy what you see and hear. More to come! Chat soon!

Twitter: @InayaDay