Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh Oh Sometimes, I get a BAD feelin' yeah!

Well, I've got something on my mind.
      I figured I'd write this little bit of information out so people can spread the word.
 When I tell people that "OH OH SOMETIMES, I GET A GOOD FEELIN', YE-AH", is sung by none other than the legendary ETTA JAMES and their reply is shock and awe, I get a bit bothered.
   It's a disservice to music when people take full credit for songs and neglect to acknowledge the vocalist.
I see it as a pure insult to the world of music, and the earlier creators of it, that THAT song is so huge and people have NO idea that it's snatched from Etta James's SOMETHING'S GOT A HOLD ON ME.
See HER video here:

So, I figure, let's give respect when and where it's due!
Big Ups to Etta James for MAKING  Avicii's "LEVELS" and Flo Rida's "GOOD FEELIN"!!!
May she rest in peace!