Sunday, December 26, 2010

Inaya In Naples, Italy (Video)

So, yeah!
     I performed in Naples, Italy last Sunday at the invitation of 
Dj Eako!
Needless to say, we had a mega blast.
You can peep the photo album via this link below.
Inaya's photos from the Naples gig

Notti Brave TV did an interview with me. 
Much/Most of the video is in Italian but the music in the background rocks coz.... IT'S MEEEEEE!   :-)   It's worth watching the whole thing.
I didnt watch the entire interview coz I HATE hearing myself speak. So leave comments and lemme know how it went...if it's bad, no need to say anything!  :)
here ya go:
INAYA DAY interview On Notti Brave

In the background, they're rockin' a song that I did with Antoine Dessante called "U".
You can listen t previews and buy it here:
"U" By Inaya Day & Antoine Dessante

I hope you enjoy the blog, pass it on and repost it!
Happy Holidays and many blessings.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where's the house music video channel?

How come there's no music video channel that features house music in America?

There was a time when there was, at least, a house music segment on some 
channels but now, sheesh! One is hard-pressed to find house music that isn't 
fostered by pop stars. 
What the dealio?

......and now.... the links..... hehehehehe!

Boy, what I wouldn't give to see some current videos by Ultra Nate GIVE IT 2 U
Barbara Tucker ONE DESIRE , or Ron Carrol What a Wonderful World from time 
to time without having to be in a club, bar, or in Europe to do so!... 
Or even some classics...... Inaya Day Inaya Day Medly of Hits, Crystal Waters What I Need
or Duane Harden You Don't KNow Me .
Help me! I thirst! 

Whadawegottado, yawl?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inaya takes on the piano bar at the Monster in New york City w/Billy on keys

Some of you may, (or may not), know that I'm a Musical 
Theater baby.  
So, I dropped into the MONSTER (THE MONSTER NYC) last 
Sunday and wound up singing 3 songs at the piano bar with 
Billy the boys. :-)
Needless to say, vodka is NOT a memory serum so I forgot 
many of the words and stumbled over what was to come 
Billy, the pianist, is the best. He mouthed the words to me while I belted out, 
"HOME, ONE NIGHT ONLY, & AND I AM TELLING YOU" as if thecheck was in the mail! 
You Wanna hear it?
Click the link below!
Don't laugh!!!....OK! Laugh!, but WITH me  :-)
Leave a comment!
(And I Am Tellin You, Inaya live at the Monster Piano Bar)
Click above to hear Inaya live at the MONSTER.

Click below to GRAB INAYA'S MUSIC!

Layta, Gayta! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Backstage in Houston at Stero Live for "1"

Hola, My Peoples!
     Awight so, after my gig at "1", Stero Live in Houston, we had a celebratory bottle of  patron backstage  :-)
Needless to say, we ALL had a blast!
     I met a guy named AJ, a friend of my friend CeCe Sykes.
I was singing a gospel tune in my dressing room and he joined in and sang the harmony with me. WELL, you KNOW I had to do a re take on camera for yawl, right!!?!!
Check it out at the link below.
Pretty good for impromptu, tipsy, after gig, sangin!
Oh and about the Neon make-up, It was a neon party so I glowed in the dark on stage. Peep photos of that in the blog below  :-)
Enjoy and feel free to post  ;-)
Inaya & AJ sing Silver & Gold Backstage at Stero Live in Houston for "1"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mike Cruz produces Inaya Day & Chyna Ro (TV star, Tichina Arnold)

It's been 10 whole years since I made MOVIN UP (Take My Problems To The Dancefloor), now a club classic, 
with my good friends Chyna Ro and Mike Cruz, so we thought it befitting to celebrate with yet another tune together.
penned by Chyna Ro, (Tichina Arnold of "Martin" & "Everybody Hates Chris"), is a duet like the 1st, and is a true follow-up to it's predecessor.
You can have a listen to our first tune, MOVIN UP, by clicking the link below.

Movin Up (Take My Problems to the Dancefloor) By Inaya Day & Chyna Ro

We're definitely "Looking Forward" to peforming this next track for you!
The three of us are long-times close friends and all-a-dat madness comes thru when we perform together.
Give a shout to us by leaving a comment!
feel free to snatch the code below to inbed our funny little video  :-)
And don't forget to watch the little video of our process  :-)
Mike Cruz narrates the session


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Had to perform at a party in Houston called THE "1" ULTRA DANCE PARTY AT STREREO LIVE!

Totally had a blast!
There were female impersonators dressed in neon with neon props, neon decor; I had neon on my face and in my hair.
I looked like some kinda alien onstage,,,glowing in the dark and things......LOVED IT!
The crowd was awesome and muy attentive!
Special thanks to JD, Kini, Surrein (sp), Charles, Chris, and Carlos!
Happy turkey day, yawl!
I think I'll add neon to more shows... maybe do a neon tour! whadayathink!  hehehehe!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Right, so, I've recorded a song called FEELIN FEELIN with Sting International.
It's absolutely dope, if I must say so myself. :-)
Thing is, It's been about a year and half and we haven't released it yet.
It's almost like when your grandmother keeps plastic over the furniture in the Living Room and you can't go in there. It's only for visitors!
Well, if you wanna hear this joint, you gotta be wherever Sting International spins,,, coz he's the ONLY one who has it! 
Clever chap , ain't he!
I think we're gearing up for the unveiling soon, though.
But, until then, watch this video and listen to the crowd go wild over this track at Coney Island.
It's gonna give you the FEELIN FEELIN, too!

gettin the FEELIN w/Sting International & Inaya Day @ Coney Island

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ok so, about a year ago during the ADE, (Amsterdam Dance Event), I was chillin' with Duane Harden and Crystal Waters after a night out.
Duane let me hear this track on his laptop an asked if I thought I could come up with something for it.
I said, "but of courrrse".  :-)
Duane emails the track to me, I write to it, and voila! A year later, we have 
The Beginning By Inaya Day & David Esse.

check it out! you can listen and then grab it from the link below.

Monday, November 8, 2010


     Paris and I decided to go to South street seaport and fiddle around with the HD cam.
He danced, I sang,,,, well, did the lip sync thing  :-)
     Our crazy butts were out there at 7am dancin' around like jack-rabbits!
People were trying to peacefully do their Thai chi thing and we're making noise like we're at The Village Underground on a Friday night!
Have a look at the link and see what comes out of a restless duo during the wee hours of the morning!  hehehehehe

HIGHER PLACE Inaya Day & BetBoyz