Monday, November 15, 2010


Right, so, I've recorded a song called FEELIN FEELIN with Sting International.
It's absolutely dope, if I must say so myself. :-)
Thing is, It's been about a year and half and we haven't released it yet.
It's almost like when your grandmother keeps plastic over the furniture in the Living Room and you can't go in there. It's only for visitors!
Well, if you wanna hear this joint, you gotta be wherever Sting International spins,,, coz he's the ONLY one who has it! 
Clever chap , ain't he!
I think we're gearing up for the unveiling soon, though.
But, until then, watch this video and listen to the crowd go wild over this track at Coney Island.
It's gonna give you the FEELIN FEELIN, too!

gettin the FEELIN w/Sting International & Inaya Day @ Coney Island


  1. "It's absolutely dope, if I must say so myself. :-)"

    You speak the truth! Look forward to the release.

  2. PLZZZZZZZZ get on him to release this track the world needs this!!!

  3. I've been waiting 3 years! just not rite! lol
    that's somethng that should be shared with

  4. this track is absolutely dope... and i cant wait til its available... please please please release this soon inaya