Thursday, February 2, 2017

Me, sharing chart space with Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand?

Yes, you've "read right"! Who would've ever "thunk it"!! Me... sharing chart space with Donna Summer (Especially since our dear Ms Summer has gone on) and Barbara Striesand! .
Say what now!?! How awesome!
My good friend-turned-family, Joe Gauthreaux, penned a song called THE URGE IN ME, for which I recorded the vocals. I must say, it SLAYS! (If you don't have it, get it here: the music video here:

Now, Not only has BILLBOARD MAGAZINE named Me as one of the Greatest Of All Time Top Dance artists...not only does THE URGE IN ME make My 3rd top 5 Billboard Dance Chart single within a year's time, but we're at #3 on the Billboard dance / club chart and have moved up to #37 on Billboard's Hot Dance / Electronic songs chart with Ms Summer & Ms Streisand just two steps below! (sigh)
What a friggin' honor! Jeesh!
I've just come home from performing 2 concerts and 2 pop-ups on the ALLURE OF THE SEAS Royal Caribean Cruise Line for Atlantis Events with My friend and roadie, Asia!
Dj Mike Nelson assisted Me on the 1 & 2's!!! CLICK HERE to see it :
OR Check it out on My FB page...
So much fun...for reals!!!!
2 weeks before that, I was in Australia tryina make it "do what it do"! Always a fun time in My other home! Folks clapped, danced, and sang along! Such an amazing exchange of wonderful energy!

God has been, and IS, so super gracious and merciful toward Me!
I'm going to sing his praises this coming Monday...February 6th, 2017 in Brooklyn.
I will be featured with My childhood friend, Pastor Terrance L. Kennedy and his choir.
The flyer has the info.
I hope to see you all there!
Gospel is My FIRST (1st) genre in every way!
Come! Let's make a joyful noise TOGETHER!

In the meantime, here is some of My Gospel Music, released from My own label, 
Ny-O-Dae Music

Check it out!  ;-)


...And remember... you can always catch My performances by going to My website to see-where-I-be or by clicking here:
See you on the playground!