Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where's the house music video channel?

How come there's no music video channel that features house music in America?

There was a time when there was, at least, a house music segment on some 
channels but now, sheesh! One is hard-pressed to find house music that isn't 
fostered by pop stars. 
What the dealio?

......and now.... the links..... hehehehehe!

Boy, what I wouldn't give to see some current videos by Ultra Nate GIVE IT 2 U
Barbara Tucker ONE DESIRE , or Ron Carrol What a Wonderful World from time 
to time without having to be in a club, bar, or in Europe to do so!... 
Or even some classics...... Inaya Day Inaya Day Medly of Hits, Crystal Waters What I Need
or Duane Harden You Don't KNow Me .
Help me! I thirst! 

Whadawegottado, yawl?



  1. I honestly say the same thing but then i look at it this way, many artist in the House music community dont make videos for some reason. Some think its selling out or some just dont have the money or connections to make a video. Some on the other hand make Trax that are samples so they cant clear it so making a video would be a danger. I would love to see music videos for many of these House songs/trax. I guess the main issue here is money. If we all worked together in the House Scene i believe we can make a difference in bringing out great music videos and also taking back a piece of the pie that belonged to the House/Dance scene that we had back in the 80s/90s. Thats just my opinion..Keep Housin :-)

  2. Well said sister!