Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Backstage in Houston at Stero Live for "1"

Hola, My Peoples!
     Awight so, after my gig at "1", Stero Live in Houston, we had a celebratory bottle of  patron backstage  :-)
Needless to say, we ALL had a blast!
     I met a guy named AJ, a friend of my friend CeCe Sykes.
I was singing a gospel tune in my dressing room and he joined in and sang the harmony with me. WELL, you KNOW I had to do a re take on camera for yawl, right!!?!!
Check it out at the link below.
Pretty good for impromptu, tipsy, after gig, sangin!
Oh and about the Neon make-up, It was a neon party so I glowed in the dark on stage. Peep photos of that in the blog below  :-)
Enjoy and feel free to post  ;-)
Inaya & AJ sing Silver & Gold Backstage at Stero Live in Houston for "1"

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