Sunday, December 26, 2010

Inaya In Naples, Italy (Video)

So, yeah!
     I performed in Naples, Italy last Sunday at the invitation of 
Dj Eako!
Needless to say, we had a mega blast.
You can peep the photo album via this link below.
Inaya's photos from the Naples gig

Notti Brave TV did an interview with me. 
Much/Most of the video is in Italian but the music in the background rocks coz.... IT'S MEEEEEE!   :-)   It's worth watching the whole thing.
I didnt watch the entire interview coz I HATE hearing myself speak. So leave comments and lemme know how it went...if it's bad, no need to say anything!  :)
here ya go:
INAYA DAY interview On Notti Brave

In the background, they're rockin' a song that I did with Antoine Dessante called "U".
You can listen t previews and buy it here:
"U" By Inaya Day & Antoine Dessante

I hope you enjoy the blog, pass it on and repost it!
Happy Holidays and many blessings.

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