Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sometimes, we musicians get caught up in the "music is everything" feeling.  BUT, music is only PART of things. 
The music business is 10% music and 90% business (or something close to that).
If your business is weak, no one will know of, listen to, nor buy your music, unless of course, you're one of the rareties.

To fully execute the "business" part effectively, one must have MONEY!
To gain income, one must have many irons in the fire....  gigs, CD sales at gigs, the proverbial T-shirt, personal studio, ring-tones, butcher shop, clothing line, cosmetic line, whiskey with your name on the bottle, cat food with your face on the can, etc.
...... and Reinvesting in oneself is the key.

So, we mustn't forget... music is NOT everything, but we can DO everything to propel ourselves far enough forward to be our own Conglomerate. 
A Prime and perfect example; Duane Harden..... singer, songwriter  (Tell Me Something), party promoter (Party In NYC at Cielo) real estate mogul, computer programmer, label owner (Soltrenz on Facebook) and now, restaurant owner (Duane Harden's Energy Kitchen in NYC) .
Check him out! Great book from which to borrow pages.
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