Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, good evening!  :-)
     Figured I'd update you on how Tuesday went.
     So, yeah... we have new guys in the band. Went super well.... and on the first try! YAY! The crowd had a blast and we were well pleased.
We had GTO & Wallace with us on vocals, Mark Kelly on bass (he also plays with Michelle N'Dgeocello), & Nat Townsley (one of THE most coveted drummers on earth). 
It went so well, I think we'll do this again on June 28th!
Hope you can make it!
Me with My Band's Co-leader, Cheryl Pepsii Riley:

     So, I got a hamster. 3 days later, she was sick. I took her to the Petco doctor. They say she has a 30% chance of living. SUCKS!
I Love that little thing already. Her name's Krissie!
Keep fingers crossed and say a prayer!
I'll keep you posted.
Ciao for now.
Have you grabbed your copy of my new single yet?
IF not, here ya go:
and here's the video:

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