Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day through this New Yorker's Eyes

Well, I can truly say that I had a "Happy Holiday".
     My best friend, Ashleigh & I went to Manhattan to view the Fireworks display that's put on each year by Macy's department store. (same folks who do the famous Thanksgiving Day parade).
It was absolutely awesome! I mean, they made smiley faces and the planet saturn with Fireworks! Can You believe that?
I loved it, as did the thousands of other people who bore witness to the event live. We were all, simply, AMERICANS.
     Everyone applauded several times before the big finale'..... at which time, we all exploded with cheers and screams of "that was awesome"! 
     We had lots of space. No drama. Just fun!
If you haven't gone, you should.
Until then, check out MY little video of the event! hehehe!
July 4th, 2011. New York City 
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