Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, good evening!  :-)
     Figured I'd update you on how Tuesday went.
     So, yeah... we have new guys in the band. Went super well.... and on the first try! YAY! The crowd had a blast and we were well pleased.
We had GTO & Wallace with us on vocals, Mark Kelly on bass (he also plays with Michelle N'Dgeocello), & Nat Townsley (one of THE most coveted drummers on earth). 
It went so well, I think we'll do this again on June 28th!
Hope you can make it!
Me with My Band's Co-leader, Cheryl Pepsii Riley:

     So, I got a hamster. 3 days later, she was sick. I took her to the Petco doctor. They say she has a 30% chance of living. SUCKS!
I Love that little thing already. Her name's Krissie!
Keep fingers crossed and say a prayer!
I'll keep you posted.
Ciao for now.
Have you grabbed your copy of my new single yet?
IF not, here ya go:
and here's the video:

Sunday, May 22, 2011


As many of you know, Cheryl Pepsii Riley and I have a band called dYsFUNKtion.
We USED TO gig at Cafe' Wha but have since moved from there to the Village Underground & made some changes.
The "other club" is still wrongfully using our name and sometimes, even our image. So I decided to write you guys to let you know that WE ARE NO LONGER THERE! 
Come down to the Village Underground this Tuesday, May 24th, and hang out with us. I think you'll like what you hear!
Make your reservation NOW because it gets quite tight quite fast.
You can call 212 777-7745 or go online at
(if you live too far away, you can watch LIVE ONLINE)
Here's Cheryl singing some of her original music at the Village Underground:
And here I am singing CHAIN OF FOOLS at the Village Underground:

Buy Inaya's Music here:

Buy Cheryl's Music here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Music from Inaya Day & Ashleigh K.

Yeah so I've been writing  with my friend, Ashleigh.
Figure it never hurts to have some fresh input. 
Well, I was right and it's paying off.
So far, EVERY song we've written together has been signed except one.
Here's a link to a snippet of four of those signed songs.
Hope you dig em.
And here are two more songs/videos that I wrote and released on my own label.
Chase Me Video
Higher Place Video

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reclaiming My Treasures (from Internet pirates)

  • It's REALLY hard for recording
artists to sell music these days.
Most, if not all, record stores have closed down and 
the internet pirates make it very difficult for 
internet retail. They download then post free links to songs that don't belong to them, thereby stealing food from the copyright owners' and artists' mouthes.
   Some argue that if they're posting it, that means 
they like it and wish to spread the word.
Well, if you like an artist and their music, isn't it 
even more cool to show support by encouraging 
purchases? After all, that's why the music is released on RETAIL sites and not in blogs.
Do we want you to blog about our music? YES! But we 
also want you to post the links to listen & PURCHASE, 
not links to unauthorized downloads.
Pirates are winning because we're not fighting....
SO, here's a bit of armor to help 
protect YOUR music in this battle.
Here's an approved template to send to any unauthorized download site! IT WORKS! so be diligent!

    I am the copyright owner of this master and 
have not authorized it's use for free download.
   Use of the below-mentioned material is not 
authorized by the copyright owner, 
its agents, or the law.
(Insert song title & unauthorized link)
   Please be so kind as to remove it from your server, as it was illegally posted.
   The information in this notice is accurate, under 
penalty of perjury.

Thank you.
Your Name:
Your Address:
Your Phone #:   
Your Email:

FREE download: