Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Australia tour 2012... so far

     So, I'm STILL in Australia; gigging on the weekends.
On New Year's Eve, I gigged at the Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Needless to say, it was awesome. The lobby was transformed into a Nightclub dressed in Gold, as was I!
     On New Year's Day, I had THREE shows! I flew from the Gold Coast to Sydney where I gigged at DayWash at 5pm, then the Cruise Bar  for Get Together at 7pm, and finally, I flew back to my home-base, (Melbourne), and gigged at Trak for Rogue's recovery party by 11:30pm. WHEW!
     I co-hosted a party for a radio station here in Melbourne for a new radio show called HER SOCIETY.. created and presented by my friends, Ginni & Natalie. We had a major blast. The place was packed, the entertainment was great, and I met some fun people.
     I've been eating like a queen while here. My Aussie brother, Dave, cooks his butt off  so eating at home in Melbourne is like being at a 5 star restaurant.
I DID dine in some actual 5 star restaurants. I Posted a few pics of Dave's food, and of the restaurants food.
You can also see the kitchen area at the apartment along with Pictures of Dave, Murray and Ashleigh.
Get an inside view right here! ( More to come)

Chat soon!
Thanks for reading!

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