Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hey, I'm back from Australia! and now for Music Updates

     So, I'm back from "Down Unda", my second home! 
I had a blast, as always! If ever you're able, Australia is a trip you MUST take.

     I have some great things popping but I won't list 'em all... gonna leave something for the next time... but here are a few points of interest for your eye-sockets and earholes.

NEW RELEASE (Feb 3rd)!
THAT PLACE: Dunk N' Aliens featuring Mia & Inaya Day

Current Release on Aria Club Chart
ONE WAY: Inaya Day

Things I saw and did in Australia

My Band is playing at 5 Spot this month!
First time in my Brooklyn home-hood.
CLICK the link for more info!

Check out my youtube channel and join me.

Gonna start posting some more FUN stuff there soon

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See you soon!


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