Friday, April 15, 2011

South Africa Loves Inaya Day & producer Ralf Gum

As some of you may or may not know......
    Our song, Lose My Worries, is doing super well in South Africa, not to mention every other region that digs soulful house.
    A little known fact is that Ralf and I have been recording together for yeeeeeears. He Hires REAL musicians, too!
Here are some of the songs we've done together!
ALL SOULFUL! (YESSSS!!!) check us out!
Lose My Worries


Beautiful: written by Me & sung by Toni Sea, I did SOME backgrounds, too :-D

Everything U R: written By Paris and sung by My little 16 year old cousin, Akira. Background vocals by Paris and MEEEEEE!


What I Like

TRY ME: By written & sung by ME and my play brother, Dennis who still lives in Germany.

So, that's Ralf Gum's and my discogrophy together! Tah Dah!
Hope you enjoyed it!
Inaya (for a free download)

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